Professional Area Rug & Upholstery Cleaning in Belton, TX

Fine Attention to Detail

Area Rugs

We will pick up and deliver your area rugs!

We understand that your area rugs are an investment and based on the material, age, and other factors, need a variety of specialized care. At CSI, we pick up your area rugs and clean them at our site giving them the individualized special attention they need to ensure the best possible cleaning, while preserving the quality and craftsmanship of the rug itself.

we take pride in our work and we love rugs. Large rugs, small rugs, very expensive rugs to ones that hold sentimental value - we take extra special, professional care of your carpets and rugs.


Couch have stains or have that pet smell?

For years we have been perfecting our technique of cleaning sofas, chairs, and virtually any upholstered item in your home. Removing stains, brightening fabrics, removing all sorts of odors from smoke to pets to baby accidents, we can handle it all. Not only do we have the best equipment, environment-friendly cleaning solutions, and expertise to do the best job in the industry, our secret is our people: we love what we do and take pride in being the best in the industry.

Don't trust your valuable belongings to the cheapest bidder or a coupon in a mailer if you don't know with whom you are dealing. We offer outstanding service at great prices, and we will do our best to earn your business each and every time. Give us a call for your free estimate today.