Carpet Cleaners Belton TX

carpet cleaning belton tx


Carpet Scene Investigator has over twenty five years in the carpet cleaning industry; we’ve been serving central Texas since 2006. We are the best professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bell County and we even offer Water Damage Restoration Belton TX. Our water damage restoration has 24/7 emergency service! Never be stuck with a wet carpet in your home or business again. Don’t rely on the other guys, who might get the job done in time, or might not. Don’t trust anyone else to clean your rugs either! We offer pickup and delivery Area Rug Cleaning Belton TX, with special attention to oriental rugs. We can guarantee not to ruin your fine and delicate fabrics because we provide professional Upholstery Cleaning Belton TX. Don’t cross the grime scene; call the Investigators! Don’t trust any other carpet cleaning service, especially if they don’t specifically say they specialize in oriental, fine, and delicate fabrics. You just don’t know if they’ll do the job to your standards or if they’ll ruin a speciality rug, chair cover, or curtain. You want your speciality fabrics to stay nice while also being clean and smelling nice. We’re not just Carpet Cleaners Belton TX for your home or business, we also clean and deodorize car carpet. Pet order or the smell of cigarette smoke, we can professionally clean your car carpets. Pet accidents are a huge problem for carpets. No matter how well you think you cleaned, there’s always some left over smell and stain. It’s embarrassing for when you have company over. You love your pets, but they’re not always aware of where it’s appropriate to go to the bathroom. Not only do we provide Carpet Cleaning Belton TX, to get out those nasty stains, but we also deodorize; no one will ever know that your pet had an accident. Cooking can be messy; you spill sauce on the floor and don’t get to it in time. And coming in the house in the winter can leave mud and salt tracks all over your nice tile floors. Instead of getting on your hands and knees, call us! CSI: Carpet Scene Investigator does Tile and Grout Cleaning Belton TX too! Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance with us! Call us today for a free estimate and see why Belton, Temple, and Killeen residents and business owners trust CSI, Carpet Scene Investigator to take care of all of their cleaning needs.